Monday, 31 March 2014

how do personality develops?

Our personalities makes us unique,but how does this personality develop?
How exactly do we become who we are today?
Its really a thought provoking matter.The personality of each of us got lot influence in our life
as well as those people around us.Not only just human beings it affects all the living and non living beings.
so each of us wish for a good personality.But the problem is once a personality has developed then 
it is difficult to  change.
                             So dear parents its in your hands your child's personality.So what all we can do for it?
  Its just simple.When a child born he/she start observing what happening around them and will start learning everything from what they see,what they hear,what they feel and obviously the genetics also got a major role in it.So what we have to do is care and love your child as much as you can.It doesn't mean that you can 
take care of your child by sending them to some care taking home since you both parents are busy.
even though  you both are busy find some time to spend with your child,just hear them what they have to share with you.Atleast a 2 hours of your day will be enough and more.
                           Be yourself your child's best friend and proud of yourself for having a lovely son/daughter.